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Thanet Road Club Jerseys



Photo credits: T Fearn / R Perkins

This page shows the front and rear of the various TRC Jerseys over the years in chronological order.

Thanet RC was formed in 1947 and at that time RTTC (the forerunner of CTT) rules stated that all clothing used in competition on the road had to be Black. This continued until the early 1950’s when a small amount of colour was allowed. Thanet RC members decided that Red, Blue and Yellow would be their colours and this is the result. The ‘white’ band you can see was originally Yellow and has faded but this jersey, which was hand knitted in Mohair wool is well over 50 years old and is still worn by one of our founder members. There was also a White version with the bands on which was for (grass) track racing. This was originally a short sleeve jersey and the sleeve ‘additions’ were added later.

By the late 1950’s full colour was permitted and the belowjersey was chosen.


The above later changed to the below design with the ‘Britsport’ logo being added when for a short period the club was sponsored by this company. These jerseys were manufactured in a variety of materials from woollen jerseys to a small batch of tight fitting jerseys made from a Lycra/Nylon material. This design lasted until the late 1980’s.


Introduced late 80s

In the late 1980’s as many clubs were doing it was decided to change the design and incorporate the Thanet RC logo with a ‘professional’ teams design. The chosen design was the PDM jersey with the Thanet colours of Yellow, Red and Blue in the curved stripes. However a communication problem meant that when they arrived the PDM green stripe had not been changed to yellow. After some heated discussion it was agreed to accept them. This design was always a popular one and the wearer was easily seen by both other riders and other road users.
However if you look around at a group of riders with this jersey on you will notice that the curved stripes can run from left to right on some and right to left on others, another communication problem.


Introduced 2004

During the winter of 2003/04 it was decided to change designs again and from several put forward this was the design chosen.
It also reverted to the original Thanet colours of Yellow, Red and Blue and our late president and founder member Dave Saffery was an enthusiastic supporter of this design.


Introduced 2011

This is the latest version of the Thanet RC jersey. The Blue has been replaced by Black and the club website address added.

Introduced 2014

In 2014 the Thanet RC Race Team was formed and the Race Team will use a different jersey in the club colours of Red/Yellow/Black.

Introduced 2017 - 70th Anniversary Jersey

In 2017 the club did a one off print run of the below to mark the 70th Anniversary; this is a tribute to the first jersey shown at the top of this page and features a re-work of the 1947 stitch on logo.


Introduced 2020

After running a competition via the membership the club adopted the below jersey in 2020 designed by Peter Huckstep.







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