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Consolation 25 TROPHY



1972 T. Webzell 1h 8m 4s
1973 N. Gore 1h 20m 44s
1974 A. Sheather 1h 10m 45s
1975 M. Kneller 1h 6m 19s
1976 A. Fretwell 1h 9m 43s
1977 H. Mills 1h 4m 32s
1978 M. Kneller 1h 6m 30s
1979 E. Abdellah 1h 5m 25s
1980 C. Briggs 1h 5m 36s
1981 G. Haller 1h 12m 26s
1982 L. Maxted 1h 9m 08s
1983 R. Spencer 1h 10m 20s
1984 M. Kneller 1h 11m 12s
1985 G. Law 1h 4m 37s
1986 B. Dennis 1h 5m 11s
1987 B. Dennis 1h 14m 37s
1988 Not awarded
1989 J. Morris 1h 16m 37s
1990 Not awarded
1991 A. Speller 1h 6m 27s
1992 C. Howe 1h 7m 40s
1993 Not awarded
1994 T. Woodlock 1h 4m 49s
1995 I. Finch 1h 3m 22s
1996 C. Morley 25.37 (10)
1997 G. MacDonald 1.0.18
1998 R. Amos 1.5.58
1999 D. Ferry 1.8.12
2000 G. Law 1.02.02
2001 M. Tallontire 1.11.7
2002 Not awarded
2003 J. Wares 1h 8m 24s
2004 Not awarded
2005 Not awarded
2006 Not awarded
2007 P. Huckstep 1hr 7min 41secs
2008 A. Girling 59m 47s
2009 R. Perkins 1h 03m 21s
2010 A. MacPhereson 1hr 05m 06s
2011 S. Friend 1h 01m 07s
2012 A. Girling 1hr 00m 40s
2013 M. Russell 1hr 04m 10s
2014 G. Russell 1hr 03m 11s
2015 Bill Hawkes 58:12
2016 Mark Palmer
2017 Mike Kirkness
2018 Matt Hall



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